Reliable analysis and reports

Spoľahlivé analýzy a reporty pre vaše účtovníctvo -

More than just reporting

By data processing and visualization using the business intelligence platform, you gain more than you may think at first glance. You get a chance to identify any risks and discover imminent deviations from desirable developments in a timely manner, but also evaluate and predict business development in various important areas, and thus inspire business leadership to uncover new business opportunities in the given industry.

With us, you will get the most important reports for your company's future

Zabezpečíme finančnú analýzu údajov vášho účtovníctva -


Analysis of data obtained from accounting software to compile the profit and loss account and comparison of individual results with the specified plan.

About Financial Reporting
Zabezpečíme obchodný reporting vášho účtovníctva -


Analysis of closed deals and the work and performance of sales persons using data from different ordering and booking external systems.

About Business Reporting
Zabezpečíme marketingový reporting vášho účtovníctva -


Analysis of marketing data across all media, from web data, through social networks and email campaigns as well as questionnaires up to customer profiling.

About Marketing Reporting
Spoľahlivé analýzy a reporty pre vaše účtovníctvo -

All analysis and data presentations

in one place

No need to switch between systems, get all your reports from each area in one place. Access data from anywhere, anytime. View data on your mobile phone, PC or tablet.

Business intelligence and its benefits that will surprise you

  • 1
    Processing almost any data
    For the reporting, we can use data from almost any source, such as accounting systems, booking systems, social networks, and other web data
  • 2
    Easy control
    Monitor the most important areas quickly and easily. Immediate access to essential information using a clear dashboard
  • 3
    Flexible interface
    Define your own views as per your needs. Create and customize the structure, content and format of your reports
  • 4
    Safe access rights management
    Share reports with your colleagues. Set up the exact roles and control the access rights of each co-worker
  • 5
    Extremely fast to work with data
    Powerful analytical power thanks to state-of-the-art technologies. Fast access to the information you need to make quick and immediate decisions
  • 6
    Comprehensive reporting
    From data collection, through its processing and storage, to visual presentation of results.

Are you interested in the Business Intelligence Reporting?

We help you better understand the different data and to plan strategic steps for your company's future thanks to detailed reporting.